Background & Values

“make education fun & relevant”

While helping his daughter, Sanjay observed that there are a lot of good quality and free videos on the internet. Videos help in Visualization and better understanding. He decided to curate and catalog these videos in an open library so that it would be significantly more useful for a large population of students. Thus tickLinks was borne.

In 2017, Sanjay started to evangelize tickLinks into schools. Schools could provide benefit of world class videos to large number of students through network effect. Also these would create conversations and discussions in the class – which would help children to learn articulation skills and build perspective and confidence by listening to other questions and observations.

However, despite availability of computers in schools and good quality content – the adoption is a challenge because of multi-layered issues like last mile IT issues, learning new practices and habits, energy required for change etc.. Open Links Foundation was founded in 2017 to address these issues.


Drive Fun and Relevance in education


Drive Tech and fun in low resource classrooms

OUR VALUES What do we care about ?

OPENNESS is the cornerstone

We are looking to make a large Social change by using Open Content, practices, teams, collaboration and data & software

Open for us does not mean un-directed or un-organized. We organize open source content. We create and organize teams to curate and catalog the open content in the best possible manner. We further build and organize teams to disseminate this content and practices for most effective and affordable use.

Open for us does not mean poor quality. On the contrary – we believe it brings in more creativity, variety and experiences. This is true of the content and also for the volunteers – who bring variety in experiences and practices. This enhances learning experiences and makes it more dynamic and affordable.

Openness is the cornerstone to improving QUALITY & EQUALITY in education.

We look for good in every situation by expressing our inner happiness & contentment


We believe in being purposeful, patient and active.


Openness is the cornerstone to improving QUALITY & EQUALITY in education.


We generate mutual support, shared benefits and promote independence.


Committed & Professional



“make education fun and relevant”


Our goal is to make all children confident and articulate through understanding and discussions in the classrooms.

We are working with three key stakeholders to achieve this goal – Atharva club students, Atharva program schools and the Saarthi Volunteers. The impact on each of them and their members are outlined.

Apart from the above there is also a systemic impact because of the alumni from the community of members who participate into the program at various times.


Story telling, Visualization and Confidence

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Regular use of Technology to Improve Learning outcomes

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The teacher also learns & grows to becomes a messenger for mission.

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Together we multiply the impact.

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If you are working with schools/community centers to improve education OR if you run schools - we can work jointly.