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Open Links Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to make education Fun and relevant.

Learning experience of over 90% of school students are influenced by teachers. tickLinks from OLF, is a Wikipedia style solution for teachers. tickLinks helps teachers to find the right resources and instruction methodology – Lesson plans, activities, worksheets, videos etc.. tickLinks reduces class preparation time and improves class effectiveness.

To bring integrated learning into classroom – from different disciplines such as arts, sports, story-telling, values etc.. teachers will need to be prepared with many ideas and perspective as they enter the classroom. No teacher will know it all. Teachers will derive the best resources from their colleagues and community – near and far. tickLinks is teacher community where teachers can easily share their ideas and resources. The contributions are community curated and organized such that The teacher do not have to spend too much time in searching and finding the right resource.

Open Links Foundation (OLF) is established to develop teacher capacity and pedagogy system, to lead a high quality K-12 education system in India. Particularly OLF aims impact the students from low income communities.

It is about seizing raw excitement & curiosity of students to explore and learn new things. Making videos and projects caters to many creative passions and freedom of expression. Videos become a tool for learning and teaching. Teachers and students build their portfolio over time and also get feedback from their peers and community.

We help teachers to prepare for their daily classes – with clearly broken down objectives - activities, assessments, videos etc.. aligned with the objectives and the curriculum. The open community enriches the content with their own context and perspectives.

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Atharva Club

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  • Students of Class 6th to 9th learn to make short educational videos in after school program. They learn communication skills around story telling and visualization.
  • Bright talented young individuals – Saarthi - interface with the students to guide them and serve as role models.
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  • Online platform like Wikipedia. Free and best videos curated and cataloged for various curriculum for CBSE and state boards.
  • Short, Visual and Fun videos.
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Flipped Experience

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  • Road map and support for transforming monologue classrooms into discussion oriented classrooms with fun, energy and relevance.