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OpenLinks Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to drive fun and relevance in classrooms using open source videos. Students learn to make & see good educational videos. We aim to reduce student stress and weave 21st century skills into education.

Students lead as change agents. We seize the raw excitement & curiosity of students to adopt technology and induce fun. It is a unique bottoms-up approach for initiating transformation in the education system.

Our objective is to provide low-income communities with access to high-quality education. We are building a community of facilitators (Saarthi fellows), students (Atharvas) and curators to scale our mission.

Why Videos?
WE retain

80% of what we SEE,
20% of what we read
and only 10% of what
we hear

At the center of our model is the

It is about seizing raw excitement & curiosity of students to explore and learn new things. Making videos caters to many creative passions and freedom of expression. Video becomes the tool for learning and teaching.

The volunteers – Saarthi - learn and teach - how to make short educational videos. They inspire students to be great communicators. Saarthi undergo a transformational journey in learning and leadership supported by our structured program.

make good Videos

see good Videos


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Atharva Club

  • Students of Class 6th to 9th learn to make short educational videos in after school program. They learn communication skills around story telling and visualization.
  • Bright talented young individuals – Saarthi - interface with the students to guide them and serve as role models.
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  • Online platform like Wikipedia. Free and best videos curated and cataloged for various curriculum for CBSE and state boards.
  • Short, Visual and Fun videos.
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Last Mile IT

  • Most schools have computers but need help and guidance for various issues like anti virus, fire wall, practices for regular usage and upkeep of computers.
  • We provide help and guidance for growing the usage and upkeep of IT infrastructure at school in a safe manner.
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Flipped Experience

  • Roadmap and support for transforming monologue classrooms into discussion oriented classrooms with fun, energy and relevance.


Our mission is to drive fun and relevance in education using open source videos. In 2017 we worked with 8 schools and by 2021 we want to work with 250 schools across India.
Help us to realize this goal.

VOLUNTEER @ school near you

Learn and Teach – how to make good educational videos. Also opportunities to volunteer from home!


We help low income schools to improve education. Help us reach our goals by contributing to our programs


We partner with Non profits and Colleges to spread our work with larger number of schools.


If you connect with our vision help us strengthen our community. Follow us and share our posts.