Recognizing every interaction as an opportunity to make life easier for teachers.

Our Growing Teacher Community

"Teachers are a key in implementing educational reforms"

* As per Mar 23

Over 95% teachers registered – gives reach to administration.


"Teachers are key for implementing educational reforms"

Oct 22 – Mar 23 - Over 20,000 Teacher Posts

Recognition Platform : Block Level meeting - 44; District Level Meeting - 5

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Support & Capacity Building

Data Collection Task


280,000 hrs for Teacher (16 hrs/Month)

200,000 hrs for Cluster Head (66 hrs/Month)

After Analysis

  • Forms reduced 21 to 9
  • Frequency reduced 184 to 56
  • Fields reduced 401 to 210

Info Searching Task


320,000 hrs for Teacher (10 hrs/Month)

36,000 hrs for Cluster Head (10 hrs/Month)


  • Circulars accessed twice or more – 25%
  • Circulars asking for data – 4 times
  • TLM | Training resources - 6 times​
  • 16%

  • savings
    on teacher

  • 48%

  • savings on
    cluster head


Before Vinoba

Circulars etc .. circulated on Paper/ whatsapp. Is expensive and gets lost in delays

After Vinoba

Information is always easily available on phone – properly catalogued

  • District circulars, letters, announcements

  • Weekly Plans with notifications to help pace

  • TLMs for FLN, Scholarship, Financial Literacy

Capacity Building


Academic Program

निपुण भारत गुणवत्ता / क्षमता वृद्धि कार्यक्रम​

10 Week program to improve FLN Skills in students of class 2-5

– Launched in Pune district in Dec'22.

8% ZP school pupils improve Language, Maths skills


Program by Government to enhance skill level of students in Language and Maths​

Education department provided plans to schools for 8 weeks to improve the skill level​


Struggle to collect reliable data from schools in a timely manner​

No way to track whether Teachers are able to easily access the weekly plans​

OLF’s Solution

Collect Base line data of student skill directly from teachers​

Digitally provide weekly plans to teachers to help them plan their teaching routines

Monitor progress on the skill improvement by gathering periodic feedback and re-evaluate the skill level at the end of the 8-week program

  • 11,000+ Teachers involved in improving student learning outcome.
  • 12,000+ (8%) Students showed improvement in skill levels out of 147,000 students.

Mission Scholarship​

Academic Program​

7 month program to identify promising students and prepare them.


Create awareness
and Excitement in Teachers


Support them
to succeed


Recognize consistent
effort & good performance

Establishing Library​

Program Implementation & monitoring​

80% of the ZP schools need Library Facility​

  • Information helped to plan Creation of Library spaces in 342 schools​
  • Tracking use of books and effectiveness of Library​
  • Teacher Recognition for use of Library​

Program Implementation & Monitoring

School visits of Saadhan Vyakti increased by 250%​

Saadhan Vyakti are expected to visit 15 schools every month
for school inspection, classroom observation and demo classes

पुस्तक वाटप​

Program Implementation & Monitoring

Helps Utilization of unused books

  • Each ZP school receives curriculum books – based on the number of students. ​
  • However, in the new academic year – the number of students change in the class. Some schools may end up having extra books and there is shortfall for some.

Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Require data collection e.g. FLN, Book Distribution, Library etc.


  • Clunky and inefficient data collection process via paper, excel sheets, google forms
  • Significant time spent to just aggregate data for analysis​
  • Leakage in the data collection process, leading to possible manipulation of data​


  • In-built data collection tools on the Vinoba mobile app, Authenticated data sources.
  • No Time spent on data aggregation. 100% automated process
  • Monitor progress on the programs and take remedial actions

Save upto 5 lac hours per district for teachers and cluster heads

Stories of Change

  • "Because of Vinoba – we have some qualitative results in mass education"
    Ayush Prasad, I.A.S, CEO Zilla Parishad

  • "Easy to use. Very useful for teachers."
    Manisha Malusare, Teacher

  • "We have to adopt it. This is the future"
    Ashwini Sonawane, Block Education Officer

  • "Only EdTech project with large scale teacher adoption"
    Mayuresh Bhoyte, Leadership for Equity

Stories of Change

BRC Sambaji Khandagale

Indapur, Pune

BRC Mahadev Subhash Darekar

PMC Trim

Manjusha Lokhande

Z.P. School, Mangrul, Chandwad, Nashik

Mr.Sanjay Ramchandra Shelke

Z.P. School Nagamthan, Karjat Teacher

Rajshri Gawade Madam

Cluster Head of Five Clusters - Velhe

Vinoba Gadekar

Vashi, Osmanabad, Teacher

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