"We use Technology
and Behavioural Science
techniques to create
adoption and motivation"

CEO, Open Links Foundation


Improve Learning Outcomes in Government Schools

Indian Govt. spends $75 Billion on education each year​

13 Crore+ students

48 Lakh+ teachers

$75 Billion annual govt.
education spend

13 Crore+ students

48 Lakh+ teachers

$75 Bilion annual govt.
education spend

The massive number of stakeholders warrants a need for a solution driven by Technology​

TEACHERS ARE KEY to education reforms


Most Burdened, Least Supported, Least Celebrated

Lack of Motivated Teachers

  • Teachers on average spend of their time on
    ​(admin, management, etc.)​
  • As per research finding, there is a shortage of
    more than in Rural India


  • Multiple Layers of Management​
  • Communication loss across layers

"30% of time goes in data collection & yet data quality is poor"

Senior IAS officer


Building a Motivated Teacher Community
Teachers are the most important Link

Improve Efficiency & Accountability
in the Government Education System


The Challenges

  • Innumerable Dist level circulars and
    GRs* released on Paper/WhatsApp
    groups making it cumbersome to
    track & manage
  • Teaching materials are created
    but not easy to access​

The Solution

  • Launched and easy-to-use
    mobile app, Vinoba
  • Access all the teaching materials
    and circulars at the click of button
  • Get Daily/Weekly plans to create
    efficient Student learning journeys

Easy access, Save time


The Challenges

  • Most Zilla Parishad schools are
    remote and have only 1-3 teachers.
    Teachers are isolated.
  • Teacher want to know what others
    are doing​
  • There are negligible opportunities for
    Teacher Recognition​

The Solution

  • Platform for teachers to
    Share and Learn Get Peer
  • Get Management
    Appreciation through
    periodic Block and
    District level meetings

"Motivating Employees to work at their full potential is the main premise of successful management"

Rajesh Kumar ji, Addl Chief Secy Rural Dev along with Ayush Prashad,
CEO Pune ZP - presenting Post of Month award to Vaishali madam.


Require data collection e.g. FLN, Book Distribution, Library etc.

The Challenges

  • Clunky and inefficient data collection process via paper, excel sheets, google forms
  • Significant time spent to just aggregate data for analysis​
  • Leakage in the data collection process, leading to possible manipulation of data​

The Solution

  • In-built data collection tools on the Vinoba mobile app, Authenticated data sources.
  • No Time spent on data aggregation. 100% automated process
  • Monitor progress on the programs and take remedial actions

"Save 5 lac hours for teachers & administrators - per district"

Bottom up Acceptance & Adoption is crucial for success of the program

The tool not only helps in fixing a problem but also
helps in building Teacher Confidence

​Teachers are willing to adopt the change as it
addresses "What is in it for me?"

Keeping the student at ​
the centre of solution​
Creating a positive impact ​
on the learner's ecosystem

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